SF95 Soft Serve Freezer

Pump Fed Soft Serve Machines produces high volumes of product instantly, with the opportunity to pump multiple flavors depending on the selected model. These machines are perfect for busy businesses wanting to serve high volumes and quality soft ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Gelato Soft Serve Ice Cream


Gelato - Thanks to using less cream and more milk, Gelato has a lower fat content than ice cream. It’s churned slower to give it a dense and creamy texture.



Jingling Soft ice cream machine - recipe partner -LEAGEL Kefir Gelato: the new Leagel 2021 project The Leagel 2021 novelty for artisan gelato parlours is Kefir Gelato! A range of ready-to-use powder products designed to combine the intense taste of kefir with fruit, vegetables and cereals.

Air Pump Agitator Gravity Tube

Air Pump

ADVANTAGES OF AIR PUMP SOFT ICE CREAM MACHINES Ice cream has a creamier texture & more structure Larger amount of overrun Makes ice cream more efficiently and faster Better for high demand shops.