Quality Control

JINGLING stands for the high quality and guaranteed safety – from the conception, development and production to logistics, advice and service: we give you our promise of quality which is practiced by all JINGLING employees in their daily work.


JINGLING soft ice cream machines have an output of 35kg/h at an ambient temperature of 20 degrees or 350 portions of 80g per hour.


High-quality manufacturer

With components made of specially treated stainless steel, you make a lifetime investment.


Control elements snsure a constant ice cream quality, independently from voltage fluctuations.


A specific agitator and a high, stable overrun ensure a particularly fine soft ice cream consistency.


Defined company processes for more environmental protection and safe handling of hazardous substances.

ISO certification.


Machine conception is designed for a long service life due to a durable cooling system and transmission system. Machine parts are in contact with the product made of stainless steel. Recyclable refrigerant R404a.

Do without chemical cleaning agents and disinfectants.