About Us

At JINGLING, we work on the advancement of our soft ice cream technology day after day to enthuse people all over the world with innovative technology and high-quality products. Our dedicated team and our reliable partners & suppliers ensure that we can meet the high demands of our international customers.


Our success story began in 1956- Jiangmen Xinhui Xinnong Machinery Co., Ltd. Farm plough, double wheel share plough, threshing machine, sprayer and other farm implements are the main products...........In 1981, established a new branch - Jiangmen Jingling Refrigeration Enterprise Ltd. Brand “JINGLING”. the objective of developing soft serve ice cream machines.


In 1983, the project was officially approved by Guangdong Provincial Machinery Department, and the Italian ice cream machine project was introduced for research and development. In 1986, trial productions of soft-serve ice cream machines began after they had been successfully developed, commissioned, and tested. (China first soft ice cream machine BQ313). To 1992, the same series of soft ice cream machines BQ218 / 318 / 323 were extended.


In response to market demand, Jingling successfully developed a series of soft ice cream machines with more convenient operation and small and light weight from 1992 to 2001. BQ108 single flavor countertop soft ice cream machine is a favorite in dessert stores. And the same series of BQ316 countertop two flavors and BQ620 / 336 floor standing soft serve ice cream machines.


Jingling successfully developed gravity air pump soft ice cream machine in 2001. The ice cream has a cream texture & more structure; Larger amount of overrun; Makes ice cream more efficiently and faster; Better for high demand shops. To 2013, the air pump soft ice cream machine series BQ116 single flavor countertop / BQ818 dual flavor tabletop / BQ833 two flavor floor standing and TWIN TWIST system BQ836 / 848.


A new breakthrough for the Jingling technical team-The research and development of soft ice cream machine with worm gear transmission system has been successful. Compared with the belt with pulley drive system, the worm soft ice cream machine runs more quietly, which is the gospel of coffee shops and other related projects. Just like the familiar countertop single flavor SC91. SC26 / SF36 / SF95plus of the same series.


Jingling located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong P.R. China.While we’ve come a long way, we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. We’ll keep breaking & improve new ground with soft ice cream machines. JINGLING stands for the high quality and guaranteed safety – from the conception, development and production to logistics, advice and service: we give you our promise of quality which is practiced by all JINGLING employees in their daily work.