At Your Service

We know your soft ice cream machine represents your livelihood, so we take service and support to another level. Wherever you’re located, whatever your specialty, we’re here to keep you up and running.


Our authorized distributors not only make sure you have the best soft ice cream machine for your business but provide things like installation, staff training, preventive maintenance, cleaning programs, troubleshooting, replacement parts and repair services.


You never know when the downtime monster will raise its ugly head. So, we maintain dedicated call centers to offer assistance both day and night. If you need a service tech, we’ll try to have one there within 24 hours.


Our techs receive ongoing, state-of-the-art training every year so they know your soft ice cream machine like the back of their hands. It’s little wonder they’re able to resolve 95% of service issues on the first visit.


To help you reduce costs, we offer contract programs for service and maintenance. Jingling soft ice cream machine generally comes with a warranty that covers replacement parts. With a service contract, we’ll pay for the labor too. It’s added peace of mind and could end up saving you hundreds. These programs may not be available in all areas, so ask an authorized distributor for details and eligibility.


It all comes together with the 5-Point Promise - everything we promise to do on service calls. Here’s how it goes:

1. Ask for the manager and introduce oneself
2. Clarify and confirm the issue
3. Diagnose and repair the problem
4. Do something that goes above and beyond
5. Thoroughly explain the job ticket

You can count on all five steps on every visit.

Jingling Company

We build some of the high quality soft ice cream machine available. That means Jingling machine not only produces ice cream that is safe to eat but just as important, our engineers continually look for ways to make Jingling machine safer and easier for your employees to operate.