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    Soft serve ice cream could be sold in a wide variety of outlets such as cafe, bakery, ice cream parlor, buffet restaurant, yogurt store, bubble tea shop and so on.

    We design ice cream making machines that solve your daily operation needs and keeps your business moving. From the innovative gear transmission to the fast freezing time, Jingling machines are known for being productive, quiet and user-friendly.

    Our experts are trained to help business owners to determine what type of machines they need by understanding what they are looking to sell, how much space they have and what kind of technology they want included.

    As a distributor, you should understand the need of each of your clients and provide them a solution for their business.

    Talk to our experts today and learn how you could become a distributor for our state of the art ice cream machines.

    Soft Serve Ice Cream Is A Big Hit

    More and more food business owners are looking to sell soft serve ice cream because of its popularity.