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BQ636/626 Floor standing soft serve freezer

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BQ636Y/ 626Y
Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine
Soft Serve Freezer Multi Flavor
Air pump or Gravity Feed, Low Mix Alarm, Standby




Air Cooled

Air Cooled

Freezing Cylinder:

2 x 2.1L

2 x 1.8L

Product Mix Hopper:

2 x 10L

2 x 5.8L

Output Capacity (80g):

300 serves/hr

240 serves/hr

Rated Output



N / G Weight (Kg):

140Kg/ 170Kg

120Kg/ 150Kg

Machine Dimensions (mm):

540 x 770 x 1435

520 x 745 x 1435

Package Dimensions (mm):

710 x 900 x 1600

690 x 880 x 1600

Power Supply:

220-240V /50Hz,

208-230V /60Hz

220-240V /50Hz,

208-230V /60Hz

Available Options:

Air pump 


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