You are interested in JINGLING soft serve ice cream machine , but are not yet sure whether you would like to buy the machine? Here you will find information about our different utilization concepts.

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7 tips before you buying a soft ice cream machine

7 tips before you buying a soft ice cream machine

Before buying a soft serve ice cream machine, you may ask yourself the following questions: 

1. How much space do I need to cater for the machine?

2. How many cups of ice cream do I expect to sell everyday?

3. How quick and reliable is the after sale support provided by the vendor?

4. How well trained is the operator of the machine? 

5. What is the price of the ice cream should I sell?

6. What flavor should I sell? Should it be conventional or something that no one tries before?

7. Where can I source for the best ice cream mix?

It is not the price of the machine that matters. It is a matter of how quick the support can be, the availability of accessories and parts and the refrigeration capabilities of the machines.

Some machines take up to 1 hour to freeze and get ready. Some machines stop operating after drawing 5 to 6 cups. Some machines break down totally after a few months of use and no support could be found. Is this the machine you desire? 

If you decide to embark on a soft serve ice cream business, you must carefully choose an ice cream machine that could give you the maximum benefit. It should not give you any operational problem or headache. Before and after sale service are very crucial. A bad quality ice cream machine would eventually cost you more and will eventually will affect your reputation. By having a good ice cream making machine, you would be able to reap good rewards in a very short period of time.We provide ice cream machines of exceptional quality that are capable of meeting your commercial requirements on a consistent basis. We also provide full before and after sales supports to ensure smooth operation of the machines.