You are interested in JINGLING soft serve ice cream machine , but are not yet sure whether you would like to buy the machine? Here you will find information about our different utilization concepts.

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What are the requirements for a qualified ice cream machine distributor?

What are the requirements for a qualified ice cream machine distributor?

In order to become a distributor for commercial soft serve ice cream machine, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must love ice cream and be passionate about this business

  • You must have some experience in the food industry and understand how the machines and ice cream business work

  • You must have a service team comprising well trained technicians who are capable of giving quick support to end customers when needed

  • You must be willing to communicate and work closely with the manufacturer

Training is very important!

It is important that you are willing to send your support team to our factory for training before you start to do this business. For every customer you sell the machine to, you are expected to give them proper training as well. Ice cream machine could give rise to food hazards if the users are not well trained. Hygene is the most important issue and hazards which may occur during the handling and serving of soft ice cream, which could affect its safety and thus the health of your customers. Having a properly trained workforce will also save you tremendous amount of time and hassle when keeping good talent during tthe busy seasons.