You are interested in JINGLING soft serve ice cream machine , but are not yet sure whether you would like to buy the machine? Here you will find information about our different utilization concepts.

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The important features for a good commercial soft serve ice cream machine

The important features for a good commercial soft serve ice cream machine

What are the important features for a good commercial soft serve ice cream machine?

1. Pre-cooling system - Dairy product is vulnerable to bacteria. The pre-cooling feature sets and maintains the required temperature inside the hopper which helps keep the mix fresh throughout the production. This feature is important during long no-use period.

2. The freezing cylinder and the beaters - These are at the heart of the soft-serve ice cream machine's functionality. It mixes and pushes the ice cream to the dispensing head. Blades attached to the beaters scrape mix off the walls of the cylinder as it freezes. If the blades are not designed properly and leave frozen mix on the walls of the cylinder, the machine will operate less and less efficiently over time.

3. Indicator light for low mix level - The machine would automatically shut off if the mix level is low and no new mix is being added within a specified amount of time. This is to prevent the compressor from being damaged.

4. Door interlock system - The machine will be shut down when the dispensing door is not installed. This is to prevent possible injury caused by the beaters if accidentally turn on the power button when the dispensing door is not in place.

5. Powerful compressor - Compressor is a very important element when it comes to refrigeration. If the refrigerating is weak in the ice cream machine, then the ice cream produced would not be tasty.  The more powerful the compressor is, the shorter period it needs to prepare for the production. The more reliable is the freezing function and thus the quality of the ice cream produced. Normally when you come across an ice cream machine with exceptionally low price, there is a possible that the compressor used is a second hand one which is not realiable and does not give any warranty.

6. Noise - A good ice cream machine should not be too noisy during its production time.

7. The production and the draws - A good machine should be able to give you consecutive draws without break. The number of draws would depend on the motor and the power of the machine. The machine should be able to start drawing again with an interval stop time of no longer than 3 minutes.