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Steps for cleaning of the ice cream machines

Steps for cleaning of the ice cream machines

All machines should be cleaned thoroughly and frequently.

When you are cleaning, you need to use both detergents and disinfectants/sanitisers.

  • Detergents clean by removing the dirt you can see.

  • Disinfectants and sanitisers clean by killing the bacteria you cannot see once the dirt has been removed.

It is important that detergents, disinfectants and sanitisers are:

  • Food grade quality if used on food contact surfaces

  • Prepared at the correct strength (follow manufacturer’s instructions) using designated measuring equipment

  • Stored away from food

The following sets out the guideline for cleaning of your ice cream machines:

1. Drain and discard all ice-cream from the machine;

2. Clean:

  • The tank of the machine using the machines washing cycle;

  • The hopper and the tip of the dispenser unit (these need particular attention as they are open to contamination during refilling of mix and dispensing of ice-cream)

  • The dismantled parts including every part in the front door and the beaters(dismantle the machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions and wash the parts in a designated sink or bucket)

  • The outside of the machine

3. Inspect and replace any damaged seals and o-rings. Reassemble the machine and lubricate parts as specified by the manufacturer.

4. Sanitise the machine as specified by the manufacturer. Drain the sanitising solution from the machine and rinse well with drinking water.

5. Refill the machine with a small amount of ice-cream mix and discard the first run.

Before use, the utensils should be washed in warm water and sanitising solution (a food grade sanitiser prepared according to the manufacturer’s instructions should be used).

Throughout the serving period, the utensils should be rinsed and sanitised frequently. This can be achieved by placing two containers containing sanitising solution within easy reach of the ice-cream freezer. One container should be used for rinsing off the ice-cream and the other for sanitising the utensils. Both containers should be emptied and refilled with fresh solution at least once every hour.

Surplus solution should be shaken off the scoop before use.